A First Responder Owned Company Focused on Faith

The Heroic Deeds Story… 

In 2021, two brothers from two different states, both police officers, recognized those serving around them were struggling. After a long year of defund the police movement, COVID, and first responders from all professions leaving the field left those continuing to serve overworked and overstressed. First responder rates of addiction and suicide were climbing along with an overall feeling of hopelessness. 

Although we didn't have the answers, we knew that Jesus could provide the healing that first responders so desperately needed. So, in 2021, we started by forming Heroic Deeds Nonprofit as a way for first responders to unite from their varying disciplines to approach wellness in a different manner. The goal of Heroic Deeds Nonprofit is to go beyond government-led initiatives of physical and mental wellness and add the vital component of faith that had been missing from many programs.

We quickly realized that sponsoring training and education at little to no cost for first responders would take funding, so we created a merchandise brand to raise funds to help support the efforts of Heroic Deeds Nonprofit. Thus the Heroic Deeds LLC was formed to support Heroic Deeds Non-Profit with the mission to financially support physical, psychological, and faith fitness in first responders. Proceeds from every purchase help support the efforts of Heroic Deeds Nonprofit.

To learn more about the nonprofit please visit HeroicDeeds.org.

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Chad DePew - Co-Owner/Police Officer/Christ Follower

Why The Name and Phrase… "Done Dirt Cheap"

First Responders perform heroic deeds regularly.  These deeds are often gritty, dirty, and done dirt cheap.  No award, additional pay, or recognition is asked for. 

On the night shift, a traumatic heroic deed is performed, and when the shift ends this hero will have breakfast with his family.  The heroic deed, the dirt, the grime, and the trauma is never mentioned.  This hero is humble and protects their family by their silence and putting their needs first.

But the silence and these heroic deeds that are done dirt cheap need to be properly managed in a healthy way through physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. If not, the “HEROIC DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP” will accumulate to destroy health, marriages, families, mental and emotional health, and one’s faith.

The Heroic Deeds Brand offers a better way... 

“A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of”. -Jesus