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Fuel to get you through your shift and through your day. Heroic Deeds Coffee is freshly roasted by Rooted Grounds Coffee Co in Mason, Ohio.

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Our 12oz bags come in 5 flavors:

Conquer the Chaos French Roast - Carmelized with a bold flavor to help you Conquer the Chaos every day. 

Heavy Rescue Blend Columbian Roast - Dark chocolate and nutty flavor, brewed just right to help you live the "I Will Respond" lifestyle. 

Sheepdog Not Sheep Breakfast Roast - Creamy and subtle walnut flavor. Lighter roast provides a rich flavor and more caffeine than our other blends. 

Honor Blend Sumatran Roast - Rare. Exotic. Full bodied. Roasted bold to bring out the exotic flavors from Indonesia.

Decaf Roast - Decaffeinated version of the Columbian Roast. Dark chocolate and nutty flavor.